BIOSYNTH® Carbosynth

Aout Us

We pride ourselves in being the world-leading experts in the field of enzyme substrates, carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry.

Our mission is to expand the reach of our world-leading expertise in carbohydrates and nucleosides, and to provide it to innovators developing cutting-edge products that will improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. 

We are committed to continuous improvement and are working towards becoming the favourite resource for scientists developing revolutionary medicines and diagnostics.

Reliability is one of our major strengths. We have promptly responded to COVID-19 and have maintained a stable supply of products during the global emergency. We are well-prepared to deal with uncertainty and keep supporting the global scientific community with biochemicals today, tomorrow and in the years to come.


Key Product Segments

Enzyme substrates

We are the world leader in the production of enzyme substrates and offer labelled products with chemiluminescent, fluorogenic and chromogenic tags. Our R&D programmes are directed into development of novel enzyme substrates with brighter and more stable tags, allowing even more sensitive detection in a wider range of experimental conditions. Our research programmes have generated patented technologies such as chemiluminescent AquaSpark® probes, chromogenic and fluorogenic Aldol® substrates and others. Our enzyme substrates are invaluable tools in biochemistry laboratories, and are used for microbiological assays as well as in molecular diagnostics.



We have a long tradition in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and have become a global leading resource for organic chemists and glycobiologists. Our unrivalled range of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides includes rare and unique sugars, which are available on research or industrial scale.



We offer a rich portfolio of nucleosides, nucleotides and phosphoramidites, which includes biological intermediates from nucleic acid and energy metabolism, functionally modified or labelled compounds, and molecules with antiviral or anticancer activity.  We also offer a variety of sugar nucleotides which are useful substrates for the synthesis of complex sugars, or for the glycosylation of peptides and lipids.


Our strengths extend into other areas of organic chemistry as well.


We supply an extensive collection of Natural Products as well as products for Bioscience research. Other additional product areas we champion are reducing agents, detergents, anticoagulants, phospholipids, synthetic impurity reference standards, and more. One of our fast-growing areas of business are APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates as we are compliant with the GMP quality standards. 


In addition, we hold the UK Home Office licences for controlled drugs and drug precursors and are able to possess, supply and manufacture controlled substances from Schedule 1 through to Schedule 5. Furthermore, our Swiss facility is qualified to manufacture, store and sell controlled substances. We have highly secure facilities equipped with biometric access control and we are your ideal partner if you need to handle, ship or package controlled substances or APIs.


Custom Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO)

We offer CDMO services and maintain unrivalled expertise in carbohydrates, nucleosides and other areas of organic chemistry. We have qualified clean room labs, production and filling, and have a GMP-certified facility for the production of APIs.


Quality control

In our quality control laboratories, all instruments are certified and the equipment for all standard analytical methods are available in-house. Our quality control group performs in-process and final control of our products, including APIs. Our facilities in China perform GC, HPLC and NMR analysis of locally sourced goods, and we also maintain relationships with other European labs for any specialized testing not performed in-house.


Quality assurance

Our quality assurance continuously adapts processes to the requirements of the market and ensures consistent compliance at all stages of the supply chain, from production to delivery and beyond. The QA strictly watches over our effectiveness and compliance, which makes the QA team our client’s representatives within our organization and the liaison with the governing bodies we are accountable to.


API manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art plant in Switzerland performs pilot and production runs in 50 to 3,000 L reactors as well as small scale API manufacturing in line with the GMP quality standards.


Custom synthesis

We undertake custom synthesis and FTE work for the life science and chemical industries. With our team of highly qualified chemists and analysts, along with comprehensive know-how, experience and in-house IP, we offer a service tailored to our customers’ needs. We offer synthesis over a wide range of chemistries, with extensive experience in the synthesis of carbohydrates, nucleosides and enzyme substrates, ranging from milligram to 100s kg quantities. High quality, in time delivery with strict confidentiality are at the core of our service.


Large-scale manufacturing

Our large-scale manufacturing plant is based in China and is part of Carbotang Biotech Co Ltd, which is headquartered in Jinan and was founded in 2015.  Our Joint Venture of this European-Sino company brought together the capabilities of Healtang to extract rare sugars from natural resources with the knowledge of Carbosynth to manufacture downstream speciality carbohydrates, nucleosides and reagents. The facility includes a new multi-purpose manufacturing plant, which was constructed in 2015 and meets EU regulations, including Directive 2011/62/EU, US FDA and CFDA.  Our reactor capacities are over 60,000 L in a combination of GL & 316SS Hastalloy operating between -30 °C and 300 °C with associated isolation and drying equipment. 


Research and development

We have resourceful R&D departments in Switzerland, the UK and China. Our R&D experts perform milligram to kilogram scale manufacturing, synthesis development, process and production engineering, as well as development of proprietary know how, patent management and process validation.


Custom filling and packaging

We can custom fill any required amount and in every required container. APIs and highly toxic materials are handled in containment with clean room class 8. We also employ the use of a glove box or an automated, qualified solids dosage system.


Logistics and warehousing

Our warehouses are strategically located on 3 continents; in Europe we stock products in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Slovakia. In Asia we have warehouse capacities in 3 locations in China: Suzhou, Jinan and Beijing. In the USA, our warehouses are based in San Diego and  Chicago near the O’Hare International Airport. In todays age of heightened security and scrutiny of chemical companies in particular, we also maintain all necessary permits and working knowledge of USDA and Customs & Border Protection policies as well as import requirements.

Our warehouses are temperature controlled and equipped with all necessary permits for the handling of highly regulated material. We also have clean rooms to handle special packaging requirements.



Sourcing is one of our core competencies and is essential for trading, refinement and production. We have extensive experience and a vast database of suppliers all around the world. Many of our trusted suppliers are also capable of taking on outsourced work from us if required to help fulfil client demands and timelines.

We have sourcing experts based in China as we opened an office and laboratories in Suzhou to overcome the difficulties faced when sourcing and exporting chemicals from China.  Our team in Suzhou work with clients to mitigate the risk of sourcing in China through careful supplier selection, quality control and professional management of the export process.