RBC Bioscience Corp.

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RBC Bioscience is ISO and CE certified manufacturer of reagents and devices
for Life Science and Molecular Diagnosis.
With the new launch of MagCore System in 2010, RBC has officially announced its presence to international molecular diagnostic markets, this is not only a milestone to us but also our first dream come true since RBC
Bioscience been established 7 years ago. We have been always dedicating ourselves at R&D to seeking the best solution for market demands about innovative products and cost saving projects.
The key to be a successful life science company is the strong people. We are proud of RBC research team for their professional background and positive attitude to the works, weekly brain storming meetings are always the happiest time to the team. Of course, our highest appreciations to all the supermen and superwomen in production pipeline of RBC manufacture factories. To meet the strong competition which will only increase in the upcoming years, we are with utmost confidence in facing all kinds of challenge because the backup from our loyal business partners all the time.
Your input is pivotal to drive us to reach newer highs. At RBC Bioscience, we think
smarter to simplify your routine works in labs.