MCE® MedChemExpress (MCE的台灣代理商-慧眾 )

Bioman 慧眾生物科技為MedChemexpress(MCE)台灣代理商,為各大學校、公司行號、國家研究單位……等,快速地尋找並提供準確理想的MCE產品,並提供您優質的售前、售後服務,為您直接與MCE聯繫解答一切產品相關問題,也歡迎您索取MCE官方提供的任何試用品

關於MCE MedChemExpress

MCE 200多種活性化合物庫、MCE已知活性化合物庫、類藥多元化庫、特色片段庫Home DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA DNA檢測、片段譜檢測、分子及細胞層面的藥效檢測、親檢測、結構優化、客製化合成及化學分析檢測服務等。

About AS

Overview of MedChemExpress

MedChemExpress (MCE) offers a wide range of high-quality research chemicals and biochemicals (novel life-science reagents, reference compounds and natural compounds) for scientific use. We have professionally experienced and friendly staff to meet your needs. We are a competent and trustworthy partner for your research and scientific projects.


Product quality is the key to our success and we take pride in offering only the highest-grade products. Product identity, quality, purity and activity are assured by

our robust quality control programs and procedures. We provide HNMR, LC-MS, HPLC, stability testing and activity assays of our products to clients.


Our scientific team is highly experienced and has a successful track record in molecular synthesis. We are proficient in the synthesis of milligram to kilogram scale of structurally diverse and synthetically challenging molecules. We are customer-oriented and work closely with them to meet their need.


We offer:

• Structurally and synthetically diverse biologically active compounds

• Customized order volume ranging from milligrams to kilograms scale

• On-time delivery of products