Cat No: 786-31

Size: 1L

stain up to 50 mini gels


*Sensitive, 4-8 ng BSA.
*Saves time, band develops within 5-10 minutes.
*Uses a single step method of visualizing protein bands in gels.
*Avoids the use of methanol, acetic acid, or other toxic agents.
*Works with native PAGE, SDS-PAGE, Iso-electric focusing, or 2D gels.
*RAPIDstainTM is supplied in a 1x1L, sufficient reagent to stain up to
50 mini gels (8x10cm) or 30-40 larger gels.
*RAPIDstainTM is also available in gallon size for staining up to 200 mini gels.


*Staining of protein electrophoresis gels.
*Suitable for native, de-naturing,
iso-electric focusing, and 2D gels.